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Technical Conditions and Specifications


The Gardenia Court building consists of five flats in total. At the ground floor there are the roofed parking areas [ one for every two bedroom flat and two for every three bedroom flat and the penthouse ] and the storage rooms [ one for each flat ]. On the 1st and 2nd floors there shall be two flats per floor, on the 3rd floor there shall be the penthouse. Flat on the 1st floor has use of the green area on the ground floor as well as a maid-room. The penthouse has maid-room on the ground floor.


Construction of load bearing structure

The static load bearing structure of the building [ footings, pillars, beams, sheets and plates] shall be made of reinforced concrete in accordance with the provisions of the ant seismic code.


The exterior and interior brickwork shall be of perforated bricks having dimensions of 30x20x10cm. The exterior walls shall be of double bricks with polyester insulation. The interior walls shall have a thickness of 10 cm.

a. The common entrance of the building at the ground floor shall be made of marble at a price of EURO €40,00 per square meter.
b. The common areas of each floor as well as the staircase shall be made of marble or granite tile.
c. Synthetic laminate flooring shall be placed in the living room, the dining room, the bedrooms and the corridors with a large selection of colors from which to choose.
d. A ceramic tile at the price of EURO €30,00 per square meter shall be placed on the kitchen floor and between the benches and the cupboards, in the verandahs and the sanitary areas.
e. Concrete screed with rubbed finish shall be placed in the storage rooms of the ground floor.
f. The parking spaces shall also be of reinforced concrete with rubbed finish.
g. The areas of circulation of the vehicles shall be made of Patterned Concrete.

a. Exterior Wall

  • Three coatings of plaster and emulsion paint of exterior use.

b. Interior Wall

  • Two coatings of plaster and a FINISH PELETICO and three coatings of emulsion paint shall be applied to all walls.
  • All walls in the sanitary areas and above the kitchen benches shall be applied with two coatings of plaster and be gladded with tiles at a price of
    EURO €30,00 per square meter placed at a height of up to 2.10m.
  • The walls behind the bedroom closets shall be applied with two coatings of plaster.


  • The ceilings of the flats shall be applied with spatula coating and three coatings of emulsion paint
  • The pile work ceilings (ground-floor area where the building entrance is situated and is not covered with walls) shall be painted with three coatings of
    emulsion paint.
  • The ceilings of the storage rooms shall be painted with two coatings of emulsion paint.


  • Inclinations for rain water drainage shall be created and concrete as well as bitumen felt, 4 millimeters thick and reinforced with polyester and chips shall be
  • Concrete as well as bitumen felt reinforced with polyester of 4 millimeters shall be applied under the tiles of the verandah’s floors, of equivalent water
    insulation material.

Kitchen and Cabinets

  • The kitchen shall be of European origin.
  • The bedroom closets shall be of European origin.

Doors and Windows

  • The door of the main entrance shall be made of wood of compact material and fireproof design
  • The main entrance to the flats shall be made of wood, of compact material and fireproof design.
  • The intermediate doors shall be of European origin or of a Cypriot design as decided by the purchaser.
  • The doors leading to the verandahs as well as all the windows shall be made of aluminum in a natural color of the MU100 and MU 2000 series with double-
  • Exterior aluminum blinds shall be placed on bedroom windows.
  • The doors of the storage rooms shall be made of aluminum.

Sanitary items / mixers
All items shall be imported of European origin, white in color. Shall include bath, shower basin, water-closets, water-basins, mixers, double kitchen sink made of stainless steel, towel racks, paper racks, soap holders and mirrors above the wash-basin.

Water supply and drainage system

  • The installation for the cold and hot water supply shall be made with European origin pipes such as [ Henco ], or [ Pipe in Pipe ] system.
  • All drains shall be made of plastic pipes.
  • Provision shall be made for future connection to the town’s sewerage system.
  • Joint ground-floor water tank having a two cubic-meter capacity with automatic booster water pump and three roof tanks of a two cubic-meter capacity.
  • System for the supply of hot water for every flat with electric heater.
  • Placement of solar heater panels.
  • Provision for the installation of a pressure system for the first and second floor flats. Installation of a pressure system for the third floor penthouse.

Electrical installation

  • It shall be in accordance with the European standards approved by the Cyprus Electricity Authority. Electrical parts of European origin shall be installed.
    Socket outputs, telephone, television outputs, switches, intercom phone devices and supply points as shown on the plans.
  • The entrance to the building shall be controlled by a camera system.
  • Provision is made for an individual system of television antenna and a provision for the installation of a satellite antenna.
  • 100W electric lamps shall be placed in all areas.

Air conditioning
Provision shall be made including electric cabling, with prescribed areas for the installation of air conditioning compressors. Use of pipes for the new ecological refrigerant R407A / R410A. For general specifications and the positions of the air conditioning relevant drawings will be given to the client upon contract sign.

Central heating
There shall be a complete central heating system of a radiator type consisting of the PIPE-IN-PIPE system. For general specifications and the positions of the heating radiators relevant drawings will be given to the client upon contract sign.

Metal constructions
Metal railing at the staircase, the verandahs and the roof, painted with oil paint.

Exterior works

  • General earthworks for the shaping of the exterior areas. Fencing made of walls from reinforced concrete of a height of 1.0 meters. Construction of public pavement.
  • Planting of trees at the entrance of the building.
  • Fixed garbage storage room.

Installation of an elevator for 8 persons with an alarm system of the VVVF [variable voltage variable frequency] type. Interior stainless steel lining, vandal resistant phone device.

General Remarks

  • The flats have a post box at the entrance of the building.
  • The doorsteps of the exterior doors and the window sills will be clad with marble at a price of EURO €40.00 per square meter.
  • The locks and handles of the interior doors of Cypriot design shall be at the price of EURO €30.00 per door.
  • The locks and handles for the exterior door of the flat at the price of EURO €50,00 per door.


  • Laminate glass on glass doors.
  • Pressure system for the plumbing installation [ Where not included ].