our work

The first thing we have in mind, when planning for a new project, is the right selection of the area and the plot we are looking for. Our effort is to locate beautiful and quiet residential areas, with low density of population, away from main roads, with low atmospheric pollution and at the same time to enjoy easy access to main road networks and combine proximity to schools, supermarkets, green areas and other useful amenities.

Then comes the architectural study in which we give particular emphasis to create independent and functional spaces for our apartments and houses.We create large verandas connected to the sitting areas with big double-glazing glass doors in order to give more light, more ventilation to the sitting area and at the same time make full use of the veranda as an extension of the sitting area.

We avoid pillars and horizontal beams thus improving the functional and aesthetic looks of our spaces.

We create convenient parking spaces and large store areas for each apartment/house. We use high technology elevators with the VVVF system (variable speed and frequency) with double the speed and smoother operation that the conventional elevators. In the ground floor we use patterned concrete in the areas of car circulation thus giving a high quality and appearance flooring. We use Greek marble on staircases and common areas. We pay special attention in the design and look of the entrance of our buildings. We cover walls with decorative stones/tiles, we use double phase letter boxes where possible, we design the entrance door with wood glass and aluminum and use other techniques to give a simple always in fashion look.


For each building we do a geological-geotechnical soil survey in order to find out and examine the conditions of the soil in order to use this information for the proper study of the foundations of the building. We do this for the proper depth, usually 8 to 12 meters for houses and 3-story buildings respectively. The basic reasons for this survey are:

  1. To determine the geological – geotechnical conditions of the ground below
  2. To determine the hydrological characteristics (level and quality of underground water, penetration rate of the various soil horizons)
  3. To determine the mechanical characteristics of the various soil horizons and
  4. To determine the conditions for the building foundation.

All the above information is given in a report by the specialized company we hire for this purpose in the form of tables, graphs, special reports and recommendations. All this is used by our civil engineer in order to have a complete knowledge of the conditions of the soil and make the proper study and design for the foundation and the static part of the building.

In our studies and calculations we use safety coefficients that are higher than the ones specified by relevant government regulations in order to be sure that our buildings are of excellent quality and built. In the construction, we use the best quality materials such as the Belgian pipes HENCO, concrete C30, Italian kitchens and cupboards, British sanitary ware and mixers and many more.

We install complete central heating, we provide air-conditioning piping for the new ecological refrigerant R410A, we make proper insulation in all areas needed, we apply techniques that provide greater safety in case of earth quakes and many more.

We have our own Building Company, the VESTAFOSS CONSTRUCTION CO LTD, and we built exclusively our buildings in order to ensure the best quality and build.

We feel that we offer our customers the best possible quality. As a result of this, in all projects our company developed so far, has sold the majority of apartments/houses on paper, before the starting of the building works.