about us

Vestafoss was established in 2002 recognizing the need for the erection of quality buildings in the Cyprus market. Cooperating with an excellent team of professional architects and civil engineers with more that 20 years experience in the local and foreign markets, we adopt principles and methods that differentiate us from other development companies.

We proceed with the study and the design of our buildings having always in mind the creation of comfortable and functional spaces. We hire the services of independent architects, to head the whole procedure from the study and design to the finish of the building and the delivery to our customers.

modern architecture, construction quality, functional spaces

We pay special attention to the quality of the static part of the building. We hire the services of independent, professional civil engineers for the study and the supervision of the projects.

In the center of our works you can see our respect for our customers and our continuous effort to achieve the best possible for them.

Our relationship with the people, the contractors and subcontractors we employ are excellent. In the center of our cooperation is the common effort to offer truly high quality buildings to our clients.